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Organic Pastured Beef

Here at the farm, our organic pasture raised beef is a family favorite and we think you’ll feel the same! Our cattle spend their days grazing on pasture, building rich soil for our crops and providing delicious, nutrient dense grass fed beef to our family and now yours.

Pasture Raised. GMO Free. No Antibiotics or Hormones. Pennsylvania Grown.

*Flash Frozen to ensure freshness.

Beef Short Ribs

4-6 inches, 2-4 pieces per pack

Shop through Painterland Sisters organic pasture raised beef collection for savory cuts that will blow you away.

Our full circle farming starts with our cattle. As they graze, they spread beautiful organic matter throughout the farm, build rich soil which allow us to grow organic grains that are harvested on the farm and fed to our other animals. We supplement with hay, oats, corn, soy, molasses, minerals and salt. They never receive antibiotics or hormones.

Beef is what’s for dinner! Whether you are looking for ground beef, a savory pot roast or juicy steak, we can’t wait for you to experience the taste of our certified organic beef products.

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