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Organic Baby Swiss Cheese

Organic Baby Swiss

One of the few kinds of cheese originating in the United States, our Baby Swiss is made from our organic, pasture raised cows milk from our family's farm!

Smooth & Creamy consistency, Mild & Nutty flavor

Certified Organic | Regeneratively Farmed | Absolutely NO Antibiotics & Hormones | Pasture Raised | No Pesticides or GMOs

Ideal size for a grab-and-go snack the whole family can enjoy.

Our organic Baby Swiss cheese has a mild & nutty flavor with smooth and creamy consistency!

We proudly provide this Apline-style cheese that is great for snacking on-the-go or blending together with other cheeses or charcuterie spreads!

Our baby swiss is:

✻ made using organic milk

✻ single-sourced from our family’s farm in Pennsylvania

✻ aged 3 weeks at a USDA certified facility in Pennsylvania

When you choose our baby Swiss...

You are providing yourself and your family with the best quality product on the market because it is made locally from a family farm who can ensure the highest quality ingredients available.