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Pastured Lamb: Chops

At Painterland Sisters, our sheep are an important part of our multi-species full circle farming philosophy, grazing on open pasture and fed certified organic grains grown right here on the farm. If you are looking to feed your family delicious, pasture raised lamb, you’ve come to the right place!

Pasture Raised. GMO Free. No Antibiotics or Hormones. Pennsylvania Grown.

*Flash Frozen to ensure freshness.

Shop through a variety of Painterland Sisters pasture raised lamb products for a delicious and savory alternative to beef.

Our sheep are rotated on open pasture and are an integral part of our full circle farming philosophy. We graze livestock on our lands in order to build healthy soil. The healthy soil then grows our certified organic grains that provide nutrients to our livestock, which ultimately becomes nutrient dense food for our community. See, full circle!

Whether you need some ground lamb and lamb chops for a family dinner or a leg of lamb for a large event, we’ve got you covered.

Order online for local pick up! Eating well, just got easier!