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Beef Chuck Roast

Beef Chuck Roast

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Beef chuck roast is a beefy, flavorful, and delicious cut for roasting or braising. It’s our family’s favorite Sunday dinner! 

Cut from the shoulder of the cow, chuck roast is most traditionally used as a pot roast. The cut consists of lean meat connected by intermuscular fat and connective tissue. Pasture-raised beef has healthy fat that melts into the meat and makes this cut extra buttery!  

We recommend a low and slow cooking approach to get this piece nice and tender. You want your meat to reach an internal temperature of 180° or 190° to make sure all the connective tissue has melted. We like to use our instant pot where we can leave it during a busy day and come back to tender, pull-apart meat that serves as the perfect backdrop to our moments of reconnection as a family. 

Painterland Sisters chuck roasts are around three pounds each. This is enough meat to feed a hungry family of four!