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Beef Chuck Steak

Beef Chuck Steak

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For the price, beef chuck steak is a flavorful cut that can make even the most mundane weekday dinners better!

Sliced from the shoulder of the cow, chuck steak packs a punch of flavor, but it needs is a bit of extra love and care to become nice and tender. The intermuscular fat and connective tissue will melt into the meat and make it burst with beefy, pasture raised flavor. 

We recommend preparing this steak by braising or cooking after a long marinade to break down the fibers. A reverse sear where you start the steak in the oven at a lower temperature and then finish it off on a hot pan on the stove is the perfect way to take advantage of its rich flavor. We cook ours in family heirloom cast-iron pans that impart extra history and flavor into every bite.

Our Painterland Sisters chuck steaks come in one pound packages which is enough steak for one to two hungry people.