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Beef Tenderloins Filet Mignon

Beef Tenderloins Filet Mignon

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The most prized cut of meat, the filet mignon is the most tender piece of meat on the entire animal!

Cut from the beef tenderloin, which is the muscle that hugs the spine, this cut is lean and light in flavor. Our pasture raised beef has a richness that shines through when cooked simply.  It's a great reminder that simple living can bring the best rewards.

Often referred to as a chef’s dream, a filet mignon needs to be well seasoned and is delicious when cooked quickly at high heat to give the meat a nice crust and tender, pink, interior. Finish with butter to make your tastebuds sing!

Each package of Painterland Sisters beef filet mignon weighs half a pound or 8 ounces which is the perfect serving for one person.