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Beef Rump Roast

Beef Rump Roast

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Rump roast is the epitome of comfort food when braised or roasted; eating it feels as cozy as being wrapped in one of grandma's blankets!

Cut from the round which is the top of the back leg, rump roast gets a bad rap because of its unappetizing name, but it is quite possibly the most intensely flavored part of the cow. Similar to the chuck roast, it can be tough but becomes very tender when given time for the fat and muscles to break down. Our pasture raised beef imparts an excellent flavor to any recipe. 

We love to use our Instant Pot cook the rump during the winter. It is wonderful for a Sunday dinner pot roast, especially for a family full of beef lovers!

Each package of Painterland Sisters Rump Roast weighs about three pounds which is enough meat for four to six hungry people.