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Simply Yummy Organic Skyr Yogurt

Healthy On the Go • Regenerative • Direct From Family Farms

This is Real Food from Real Family Farms

Nutritious & Delicious

Painterland Sisters’ Organic Skyr yogurt is a nutrient-rich, satisfying snack. 

✻ Lactose Free

✻ Packed with up to 18g of protein

✻ Contains 6% healthy fats

✻ Delivers billions of probiotics, including BB12

✻ Sweetened naturally using organic berries and cane sugar

✻ No fillers or funny stuff

✻ Five simply yummy flavors!

All five yummy flavors of Painterland Sisters Skyr
Skyr Photos
Painterland Sisters illustration of their dairy farm

Our Story

We are Hayley and Stephanie Painter.

Ever since we were blonde headed, barefoot little girls, we have been dreaming of bringing light to our family’s farm in Tioga County, Pennsylvania. When you hold a cup of Painterland Sisters Organic Skyr Yogurt, you hold our dream in your hand.

This is our mission:

to sustain our family’s farm for future generations

to connect you directly with the source of your food, American farmers

to uplift other farmers like us

to honor Mother Nature in all her perfection

to help others and the land heal at the root

We believe in regenerative farming, family togetherness, hard work, good food, and simple living.

When you buy organic skyr yogurt from Painterland Sisters, you don’t just get a healthy, delicious, convenient, sustainable snack—you join a sisterhood.

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