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Organic, Regenerative, Health.

Simply Yummy Skyr Yogurt & Baby Swiss Cheese Coming Soon!
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Certified organic... plus much more!

The Painterland Sisters bring love, trust, and sustainability to your table.

✻ Connect with ethically raised food straight from Pennsylvania.

✻ Provide your family the best nutrition possible.

✻ Taste the difference of pasture raised foods.

✻ Know that your food positively impacts the environment.

✻ Find joy and happiness in food.

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Organic Skyr Yogurt Coming Soon!

Skyr is a staple food in most Icelandic households, dating back 1,000 years.

A nutritious, thick, and creamy snack or meal.

Rich in protein (17g) | Loaded with probiotics | Lactose free & low sugar!

Comes in 5 yummy flavors!

National Delivery & Wholesale Coming Soon!

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From Our Family With Love

We are a 4th generation farm, and there's magic to what we do. 

Our family has been farming the rolling hills of Tioga County, PA since 1941.

It starts every morning, with a family breakfast cooked by Grandma.

We are certified organic and work with passion and pride. That's how we keep our full circle farm running and vibrant.

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