We're headed out West y'all!

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About Our Products

Organic and pastured Skyr yogurt, baby Swiss cheese, beef, pork, lamb, & eggs --- all from our family farm!

We produce sustainable and local healthy foods that go direct from our farm to your family.

We pride ourselves in being a regenerative and full circle farm. This means that, we do everything we can ourselves and, for everything we take from the land, we replenish it with love and care.

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About Painterland Farms

We are fourth generation dairy farmers in North Central Pennsylvania. 

Our great-grandparents bought the land in 1941. Grandpa instilled his humble, hardworking way of life into his soil, his cows and his family.

Today, we, the Painter family remain the main laborers on the farm. We are resourceful, sustainable, and environmentally conscious.

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About the Painter Sisters

The Painter Sisters grew up on their family's organic dairy and crop farm - Painterland Farms. 

They have been dreaming of bringing light to their family’s farm since they were little blonde headed, barefoot girls.

They believe in sustainability, health and nutritious farm food, and good old fashioned family values.

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