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About How We Farm

We practice regenerative farming in a holistic way. In a nutshell, this means that we do nearly everything off of our land. 

Full circle farming means that we do everything we can on our farm.

Full circle farming begins by nourishing the land with naturally organic manure from the cattle. The nutrient rich soil supports the growth of our hay and grains (corn, oats, wheat, soybeans, and barley) that we harvest and store on the farm to feed our animals.

We create different balanced meals for each animal from what we harvest and the animals grow strong and healthy and are able to provide milk for our calves.

The calves grow strong drinking the milk and eating the balanced diets of harvested grains and hay, all the while grazing in pastures and helping us fertilize the soil. Then they have calves of their own and the whole cycle starts again.

Each step of our farming process is part of a cycle that gives back to the earth and supports the animals naturally.

We hold the highest standards for the care of our animals, our land, and our staff.

Painterland Farms practices regenerative farming.

This is a style of farming that improves soil health and biodiversity, sequesters carbon, and generally helps to improve climate health. We do this by integrating our livestock into the rest of the farm’s operations and applying a holistic approach to agriculture. Regenerative Farming aims to not only sustain but to rebuild.

Painterland Farms works with nature, not against it.

We work with the land and the animals and do not just use them, we appreciate and honor them. We foster healthy environments for both our land and our animals to express their true nature of being.

We use rotational grazing to keep our land as nutrient rich as possible.

The cows are moved paddock to paddock frequently to prevent overgrazing and soil degradation.

Rotational grazing ensures that our pastures will stay rich and productive for generations of Painters to come.

Each of the animals on the farm eats an organic balanced diet.

We create each diet using primarily the organic crops harvested right here on Painterland Farms’s land. Each type of animal has a unique combination of foods and nutrients to best promote health and longevity.

Our herds of cattle, sheep, and pigs consist of a mixture of different breeds that all intermingle and have offspring.

Crossbreeding creates the healthiest possible offspring; the result is called hybrid vigor. We are able to ensure longevity in our herds by creating the most genetically healthy animals through diversity.