Welcome to the Sisterhood!

You can now find us in over 1,400 grocery stores across the country!

Come dance away with us

Sharing the beauty and benefits of sustainable farming

We are the Painter Sisters of Painterland Farms! 

We have been dreaming of bringing light to our family’s farm since we were little blonde headed, barefoot girls. 

Bright eyed and naturally free flowing, wild like the environment around us.  

We aim to preserve, showcase and utilize our family’s organic dairy and crop farm: Painterland Farms. 

We believe it is a magical place that creates love for all LIFE that it encompasses. 

The diversity and CONNECTEDNESS of the land, animals and family creates the MAGIC 

All 3 helping each other flourish by producing, nurturing, and replenishing at the highest degree with purity and selflessness. 

We stand hand in hand with animals and the land. 

~Stephanie & Hayley


Hi! My name is Stephanie Painter! 

It has been one of my greatest honors and pleasures to grow up on the hills of Painterland Farms.

The lessons that the farm taught and continues to teach are deeply instilled in me. Hard work, consistency, gentle care, patience, trust, and kindness.. to just name a few! 

- Watching my grandparents, my parents, and the rest of my family dedicate themselves to the betterment of the land and the care of the animals taught me SELFLESSNESS. 

- Acting quickly when an animal was in need or when a tractor went haywire taught me to stay AWARE. 

- Not giving up when SH*T got difficult, which it does quite often on a farm, taught me a gritty RESILIENCE. 

- Running free in the fields/ dirt roads lit my WILD side and it still burns hot. 

- Seeing my grandpa’s bright eyes when he spoke about his cows, land, and family taught me LOVE & PRIDE. 


Showcasing the purity and the beauty of nature and my family working in cohesion has become my PASSION. 

I take the farm wherever I go, it is always in my heart and mind. 

My goal is to help others understand and appreciate sustainable agriculture and the gifts that it provides. 

W/ love,


Hello, I am Hayley Painter!

Growing up on the hills of our dairy farm is a life like no other. It instilled values, hard work, a love for life/nature/animals and to always wear a smile. 

When I was younger I took for granted the unique opportunity I was born into. I couldn’t wait to go to college and experience the unknown: to wear white shoes instead of boots , to expand my palate of new foods and to have neighbors that weren’t my family members or cows.

The more I learned and experienced the more I longed for the freedoms I already had on Painterland Farms. Getting lost in the land, having dozens of job titles sometimes in the same day, to be connected with animals, and to have access to the freshest food possible...just to name a few.  

Did you know only 2% of our country is involved in agriculture? I am a part of that 2% and I am damn proud of the lifestyle I was born into and am choosing to actively stay a part of. It’s a wholesome life.  

I started college at a private school in the middle of Pennsylvania, Susquehanna University: with not a single intention of coming back to the farm any time soon. 

After two years of school I narrowed my goals to become a veterinarian. I applied to 10 agriculture schools and decided on....‍ Iowa State, where I graduated with a degree in Animal Science. 

Instead of applying for veterinarian school I took an internship making cheese in New Jersey and selling it to the people of New York City/Jersey areas.

Since then, I have been learning and discovering value-added possibilities to incorporate into my family’s dairy.

I love what I do. 

- Hayley

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