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Organic Skyr Yogurt

Farm to Spoon to You

A staple food in most Icelandic households, dating back 1,000 years. Our Skyr is the only skyr made using organic whole milk from Pennsylvania farms we trust!

Thick & Creamy, Rich in Protein (17g), & Contains Billions of Probiotics

Certified Organic | Regeneratively Farmed | Naturally Sweetened | Lactose Free

Honor nature and you!

Skyr is thicker, creamier, smoother and higher in nutrients than yogurt.

We proudly provide Icelandic Style Skyr. It is rich in protein (17g), contains billions of probiotics and is low in sugar.

Our Skyr is made using organic milk from Pennsylvania farms we trust.

Local to the farm, the purely fresh milk is crafted into skyr by a 10th generation Icelandic skyr yogurt-maker who transforms milk using art and science.

Our Skyr is amazing!

✻ Billions of Probiotics

✻ High in Protein

✻ Naturally Sweetened

✻ Double Cream / Whole Milk

✻ 6% Healthy Fat

✻ Lactose Free

When you choose our yogurt...

You are providing yourself the best quality product on the market because it is made locally from a family farm who can ensure the highest quality ingredients available.

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