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Beef Cube Steak

Beef Cube Steak

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Beef cube steak is a classic farm-family treat! We love its two classic American preparations; breaded and fried for country fried steak, or smothered in onions, mushrooms and gravy for a delicious salisbury steak!

An under-appreciated cut from the round, which is the back leg of the cow, cube steak comes already tenderized. Also known as Swiss steak, this cut is lean and benefits from a hot and fast cooking method such as pan frying or quickly sauteing that will seal in its juices. We used to beg our grandma to cook us cube steaks for lunch on snow days!

Our Painterland Sisters organic cube steaks come in half pound portions which is enough for a single person. We recommend stocking up on these affordable steaks and keeping them in the freezer for quick dinners!