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Beef liver has a bad reputation, but here on the farm we are rebuilding it one delicious sauteed plate at a time! 

This cut of offal is incredibly nutritious and contains high levels of protein, iron, and vitamin A. In terms of nutrition density, it’s hard to beat, especially when it comes from our pasture raised cows! 

A staple of mid-century American cuisine, many of think of overcooked, unseasoned meat when they think of making beef liver. The secret is to cook it properly by pan-frying in butter over medium heat until just cooked but not overdone. Do this and you have one of the most nutritious sources of protein anywhere that tastes darn good!

Each package of Painterland Sisters organic beef liver weighs around a pound and quarter, which is enough liver for a family of four. This isn’t your grandma’s liver but our grandma still loves it!