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Beef Minute Steak

Beef Minute Steak

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When we get a craving for a steak sandwich, beef minute steaks are our family’s go-to! 

These paper-thin steak slices are cut from large lean pieces of the cow such as the round. They are named for how fast the pieces of beef cook which makes them an an ideal quick and delicious meal on nights when it feels like every person in the family has a sport or activity to get to.

These shaved steaks are best cooked very quickly over high heat. When cut from our organic beef, they don’t need any seasoning other than salt and pepper or your favorite spice mix. They are perfectly cut for Philly Cheesesteak or steak and eggs, whatever your on-the-go family is craving.

Each package of Painterland Sisters beef minute steaks weighs a little under a pound and contains enough slices of steak for one to two sandwiches.