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Beef NY Strip Steak

Beef NY Strip Steak

1" thick
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Our Beef New York Strip Steaks are a crown jewel cut with truly the perfect combination of tender, lean meat and delicious beef fat. 

Beef NY strip steaks are cut from the strip loin, which is found in the center of the cow’s back, right above the ribs. It is one of the least-used muscles on the animal, which means these steaks are mighty tender They are a piece of lean, tender meat surrounded by a band of rich fat that keeps the steak juicy and imparts incredible flavor. The best birthday present on the farm is a perfect NY strip steak that shows just how much we love and appreciate the recipient.

We recommend cooking your New York strip steaks hot and fast to seal in their juices and flavor. These steaks are great all year round, either on the grill in the summer or a pan-seared or sousvided in the winter. All they need is salt and pepper and your favorite vegetables and sides. 

Each Painterland Sisters beef New York strip steak is around three quarters of a pound or twelve ounces. We recommend one steak per person for a great special occasion dinner for your family!