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Beef Hamburger Patties

Beef Hamburger Patties

4 per pack - 0.25lb
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Formed from Painterland farms ground beef, these premade patties make for one incredible hamburger that is convenient for any occasion!

Our ground beef is ground from all the delicious trim from each whole cow and then formed into quarter pound patties. Our pasture raised beef is full of nutrients and flavor and the ground beef contains a little bit of all of it! 

The hamburger patties are pre-formed which means all you have to do is season and cook them. They are great on the grill or cooked in a cast iron skillet. Our family’s favorite combination is two burgers on a bun with some of our own baby swiss cheese! It's a combination that will please even the pickiest of eaters.

Each package of Painterland Sisters Hamburger Patties contains four quarter pound burgers. We recommend one to two patties per person depending on how big your appetites are.