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Beef Rib Delmonico Steak

Beef Rib Delmonico Steak

1" thick
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Our organic beef delmonico steaks are is an American dinner classic that offers good marbling and tenderness at a more affordable price than their ribeye counterpart

Beef delmonico steaks are thick cut from the chuck or shoulder portion of the cow. They are the center of what is known as the chuck roll, and the muscles that form this steak are actually the extension of the muscles that form the ribeye! This makes them very similar in flavor to a ribeye, though they are a bit less tender if not cooked properly. Each steak is a group of muscles bound together with intermuscular fat and connective tissue that melt and provide excellent flavor when cooked. 

We recommend a more low and slow cooking approach to let the meat and fat meld together and become tender. When cooked well, even the youngest members of our family can join in eating pieces of delmonico steak from their high chairs. Either cook the steaks over indirect heat on your grill or do a reverse sear in a skillet. To reverse sear, begin by cooking it in a low oven until it reaches your desired internal temperature (we recommend 140°) and then quickly sear it in a hot pan on the stovetop to get a nice crust. 

Each Painterland Sisters beef delmonico steak weighs around three quarters of a pound or twelve ounces. Our family usually eats one steak per person and no one leaves the table hungry!