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Beef Short Ribs

Beef Short Ribs

4-6 inches, 2-4 pieces per pack
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Our bone-in beef short ribs are a perfect slow cooked meal and well worth the wait!

Bone-in short ribs are cut from the sixth through twelfth ribs of the cow. Each piece is a four to six inch section of bone covered in rich, well-marbled beef. They pack an incredibly amount of flavor due to their proximity to the bone. The pasture raised meat can be tough thanks to how active our cows are, but when braised, grilled or smoked for a long time it becomes fall-off-the-bone tender and a treat for any meat lover!

We recommend using your favorite slow cooking approach with this cut. In our family, some people cook them in the smoker, others use their ovens and grills, but we sisters like to braise ours in our Instant Pots so they are ready when we come home from a long day of working on the farm. There is nothing better than knowing that you have already made yourself a filling and nutritious meal to enjoy with the ones you love!

Each package of Painterland Sisters beef short ribs contains roughly four pounds of short ribs. Because so much of the weight of each piece is bone, we recommend around a pound per person which means each package is great for a family of four!