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Beef Soup Bones

Beef Soup Bones

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Beef soups, stews and stocks on the farm are more impressive and just taste better because we use our own beef soup bones to make them!

Beef soup bones are pieces of bone, often with some meat attached, that are cut into small pieces. The bones that we get from our pasture raised cows are rich in flavor and nutrients which is why beef bone broth is such a healthy drink or base for recipes. Sometimes we will all gather in the middle of the morning for a bone broth break rather than a coffee break - gathering together for a warm drink helps our family to keep our tight bond!

We use our soup bones to make the absolute best stocks and broths that will impart incredible flavor on anything they are cooked with. Truly all you need is bones and water. Roast them and then stick them in a pot covered with water and boil for up to twenty four hours. Roasting the bones draws out extra flavor and makes the finished product even richer. Our family trick is to make our stock in an Instant Pot so that we don’t have to worry about leaving the stove on all day or night.

Each package of Sisterland Farms Beef Soup Bones contains a little bit less than two pounds of bones. We recommend using at least four pounds of bones to make stock.