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Beef Tongue

Beef Tongue

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Another taco night favorite, beef tongue has the most tender texture when cooked well!

The beef tongue can be an intimidating cut because it comes whole and does really look like a tongue. In actuality, it is a traditional staple with its high fat content, and exquisite texture. Grandma would always have a jar of pickled tongue in her fridge. And, delicious taste aside, the nutritional value alone is enough to make us fans! When cut from our pasture raised beef, it contains large amounts of iron, zinc, protein and a single serving has your entire daily value of vitamin B-12.

Referred to as lengua in Spanish, today beef tongue is commonly used in in Latin American cuisine for a savory barbacoa filling for tacos, burritos, and fajitas! It can also be poached and sliced to serve on deli sandwiches. In both cases, a slow and low cook in liquid really brings out the flavor and tenderness.

Each package of Painterland Sisters beef tongue weighs about a pound and three quarters which is enough for four to five servings of this rich meat.