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Beef Top Round London Broil

Beef Top Round London Broil

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London Broil is a tender, juicy and simple to cook steak big enough to feed even our hungry bunch!

This boneless steak is cut from the top round of our pasture raised beef, which is the outer portion of the back leg. It is a very lean cut with a medium thick grain and can be tough if not cooked properly. 

We recommend giving your london broil a marinade before cooking it quickly in a hot pan or on a high grill. Don’t cook this steak past medium and it will be tender and full of flavor! Make sure to cut across the grain into slices before serving with your favorite farm fresh vegetables. All the kids in our family learned how to share by negotiating who got the last few slices of London broil - we love a steak that can be as educational as it is delicious!

Each package of Painterland Sisters london broil weighs about three pounds which is enough meat for up to six servings.